The CBI program showed me new dimensions of myself and the world of business I hardly knew existed. It was instrumental in our transition from a wobbly-legged company to a highly professional marketing & advertising business. The real world strategic advice was extremely valuable; however, the emotional continuum was the key to our success. Within two years our revenues grew more than 700%. If you think about working with the Conscious Business Institute, my recommendation is this: stop thinking! You simply can’t afford not to work with them. And the best is: it’s a lot of fun.
Murray Steinman, President, Flying Horse Comm. Inc.
CBI’s ability to see what is really going on inside a person or a business provides a platform for managers to grow as individuals as well as professionally.
R. F., BearingPoint, California
CBI provides an amazing resource to enable growth and transformation. I have become more centered in my life and much of the worry when making decisions in my company have been lifted. Working with CBI has enabled me to live a life that is far more in tune with who I am. CBI is an important part in the growth and development of my company.
Paul Tarmann, CEO Tellus Hydrocarbon Development, Inc.
CBI’s coaching process was transformative for me. I came out of it with a profoundly clearer understanding of my own strength and gifts, as well as how and why I tend to get off-center and lose the full power of those gifts. I was provided with concrete tools for changing my habits to help me stay centered and in my power, and I am already seeing immediate effects in both my personal life and career. I recommend CBI life coaching for anyone who desires taking a deep dive into recovering the full use of his or her gifts from unproductive and even destructive behaviors that we all suffer from.
Dan Colbert, Venture Capitalist
You were fantastic. Your calm approach to a very important element of not just our businesses but our lives is refreshing, and the process and content delivery are a life changing discovery. Everyone walked away with huge take-home value. Thank you so much for contributing to the success of our members.
Trygve Duryea, Chief Knowledge Officer, The Leadership Group
…Liberating! It allows people to feel good and express themselves.
J.D., Morgan Stanley, New York
I can't remember the last time I attended a speech and told myself, "I need to know this person."  Everything about his speech was perfect; it raised the bar.  He instantly established credibility, had the audience looking at business in new ways, provided a safe environment for people to apply his concepts, and, most importantly, audience members were buzzing with the realization that there was a better way to approach business.  He left the group wanting more of his insights.  I was so deeply impressed with his speech and the concepts about building a more conscious business -- I hired him immediately.  
Katherine Stackpoole, Stackpoole Strategies, Inc. Organizational Development Specialist
It's unbelievably satisfying to work with you.
Miles Kierson. Kierson Consulting, LLC. Illinois.
Peter empowers with his deeds, words and expertise. The deepest inspiration and empowerment for me, however, come from his sheer presence and the sound trust in one's potential and authenticity. His unconditional belief and non-judgmental approach uncovered my true self and lifted my life to new heights in every single aspect. Peter's incomparable, constant belief in my being remains up to this day unprecedented.
Christina Raab, United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Vienna, Austria
...Words cannot articulate the profound effects this coaching has had on both my personal and professional life.
Fanny Powell, California
Thank you! This is very, very helpful - I can't tell you!
Allison Coleman, CPA, Carpinteria, CA
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