Please click on above image to watch a 4 minute TEDx Video Excerpt by Peter Matthies.

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Keynote Excerpt Peter Matthies
Watch a 7 Minute Excerpt of a Keynote Speech about Next Generation Leadership for Siemens Corporation Strategy Meeting.


Peter Matthies speaks at Global Summit
Click on the picture to view a 6 minute video as Peter Matthies addresses Sustainable Business at the Global Summit in San Francisco. 
Listen to Radio Interviews
Interview on Co-Creator Radio outlining the CBI Approaches
Interview with Integral Leadership Review on Leadership

Conscious Businesses Institute Recordings
Creating Conscious Businesses

Listen to an introduction to the Conscious Business Institute and the fundamentals for building Conscious Businesses. Click here to download or order the complete recording of the event.
The Economics of Change

An introduction to the speech “The Economics of Change”, outlining the far-reaching changes that we will be facing as businesses and individuals during the coming years. The full recording outlines how these changes can be addressed in an effective way, and can be downloaded or ordered here.
Next Generation Leadership:
Principles for becoming a Great Leader

Peter Matthies provides an introduction to Next Generation Leadership – how leaders can find their unique, in-power way to lead, how they can engage employees, investors and customers on a deeper level, and how they can create an inspiring work environment.
Combining Money with Meaning

Listen to an introduction to what appears to be the Holy Grail in our civilization: to combine making money with a sense of meaning, fulfillment and ease.
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