Zsuzsanna Ferenczi

“To create a better world, people need to be seen for truly who they are and appreciated for their strengths and talents. This can only happen in safe, high trust and collaborative environments where diversity is seen as a competitive advantage, where people have the possibility to constantly progress to fulfil their potential.”

Zsuzsanna has more than 26 years of business experience in multi-country environments including 12 years in marketing functions, 8 years in business development and consulting and 6 years in program management in two global organizations.

A 3-time leadership and innovation award winner she learnt at the early stage of her career that organizations are at their best when a joint vision, and a clearly defined direction is created together with key stakeholders, which is then communicated and aligned across the different functions. Creating such environments coupled with her people centric leadership approach were the key pillars to her success.

As a result of her work the organizations she led were recognized for innovation and continuous improvement driving results in full alignment with their ambitions and dreams, where people she worked with were highly engaged and motivated growing with rich mission and purpose.