Rachel Salzberg

Rachel is a visionary and a dedicated leadership development expert with twelve years of experience leading and facilitating workshops and programs, and building high-performing, engaged teams and conscious leaders. She believes every human can develop self-awareness to actualize their full potential and inspire others.

Rachel is passionate about helping people shift their mindsets through understanding and applying neuroscience. She coaches people to be their best selves and impactful leaders by pushing their personal and collective boundaries to create new perspectives. She also influences individuals, groups, and organizations in taking action for sustainable improvement and using a diverse set of methodologies to produce results.

Rachel has worked with people in organizations including Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Intellectual Ventures, startups, and mid-size companies. Her lifestyle incorporates health, travel, and outdoor adventure, all of which parallel her professional discipline and values. She is a firm believer in the profound importance of effective and healthy leadership.