Johannes Ebeling

“As a global civilization, we are living in a time of impactful decisions and wonderful opportunities. Seizing those opportunities require us to build healthier relationships with ourselves, each other, and our natural environment.”

Johannes Ebeling is focused on enabling leaders and organizations to thrive on a journey toward a healthier planet and society. He’s passionate about bringing mindfulness, joy, and authenticity to business, and about harnessing businesses’ creativity and productive energy to tackle the great challenges of our time.

Originally trained in natural and social sciences, Johannes has deep technical and strategic experiences in climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation, and environmental markets. He currently manages a boutique investment firm targeting positive climate and development impacts in emerging markets. He is also the co-founder of a startup that brings plant-based meat products to market.

Johannes enjoys spending time in nature with his two children, and meditating, singing, and dancing.