Fateme Banishoeib

“What if we could bring back the heart to business to make it a human experience?”

Fateme Banishoeib is the founder of ReNEW Business GmbH, a creative laboratory and consulting firm that guides visionary leaders who want to innovate how they do business. Fatima believes that when we expand consciousness we can lead change, create cultures of inclusion, evoke leadership in everyone, and transform complex systems into healing systems.

Fateme has more than fifteen years’ experience in Fortune 500 corporations globally—from the United States to Europe and Asia. She brings the heart and mind of a polymath to organizational development: a trained chemist’s astute analytic capacity to manage complexity and high quality with a published poet’s human sensibility to inspire the human being at the center of any thriving organization.

Fateme’s passion is creativity in any form as a way to express all she is and cares for.