Amaia Zubia

Amaia is an international leadership coach, trainer, and organizational development consultant.

As an accredited coach, business psychologist (MSc, University of Westminster-London), generative change practitioner, applied neuroscience practitioner, NLP master and practitioner of various psychometrics, and someone with twenty-plus years’ experience in managing and leading teams, Amaia has developed an endless talent for helping organizations achieve their goals.

Amaia’s international perspective comes from having lived in Spain and the UK, having worked in multicultural settings, and being multilingual (English, Spanish, and Basque). Her experiences have transformed her into a curious and independent individual with a mission to understand and help others regardless of their situations or backgrounds.

Today, Amaia works as a consultant, coach, and trainer by combining human potential psychology with business psychology and organizational development approaches. She is certified in Insights, Lumina Learning, and Comprofiles. Amaia is a member of the Association of Business Psychologists (ABP). She is based in London.