The Conscious Business Master Program

Ready to make the difference you’re here to make?

The CB Master program provides you with a complete system for creating inspiring, purpose-driven organizations & teams: The Conscious Business Framework for building better organizations, the step-by-step approaches to get there, and the human and digital tools to implement it in the workplace.
Many speak about the need to transform the way we work –this program gives you the system to get there. For yourself –for your clients – for your organization.
You never change thingsby fighting the existing reality. To change something,build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
You’ll go through SIXLearning Modules that get you ready to take Conscious Business into the world. Here’s our exact curriculum so you can make sure the program is right for you.

Intro-Module: Why Conscious Business – The Time Is Now

Intro-Module: Why Conscious Business – The Time Is Now

Module 1: SELF-LEADERSHIP - Your Authentic Power

A New Model for Success

The Reason for Struggle and Stress

Your Authentic Personality

Your Emotional System™

Your Purpose or Life Goal

Module 2: TEAMLEADERSHIP - The 8 Conscious Business Principles forFulfilling Relationships & Great Teams

Founding Principles for Empowered Relationships

Communicating with Power and Authenticity

Steps for Building Deep Relationships

From Competition to Collaboration

Conflict: Opportunity for Building Stronger Connection

Module 3: Creating Purpose-Driven Cultures – Position yourself as a leader, build inspiring workplaces, make a difference

Be Seen as a Leader

Your Work’s Greater Purpose

Creating an Inspiring Culture

Managing Your Culture

Creating a Movement

Module 4: Running a Conscious Business –Management Principles for an Inspired Business

Creating Value through Values

Conscious Business Decision Making

The New Success Model for Work and Life

Abundance and Sustainability

Module 5: Bringing Conscious Business into the World

Facilitating Conscious Business Culture & Leadership Programs

Positioning Yourself as a CB Master & Leader


Facilitating Conscious Business Culture & Leadership Programs

The CBMaster curriculum will stretch your mind and challenge
– maybe even disrupt your current worldview. You’ll expand asan individual and as a leader, as much as you become an expert in the most comprehensive consciousbusiness methodology.

What you’ll get:

“After the program, I entered the office as a different person. The effect was staggering: everything went much smoother, everything changed because I was able to change my mindset in any conversation with colleagues or my boss. Thank you so much!”


Director, BMW Group, Munich
“I’ve been applying all the wonderful learning you’ve given me and I’m happy to say it has been going really well. It is so heartening to get e-mails from my people saying they appreciate my leadership and that is all thanks to you.”

Hussein Mecklai

SVP, Impinj, Seattle
I have done innumerable professional and personal development programs. This course did more for me than all of them combined. It is extraordinary! Thank you CBI for changing my life! Top quality production and instruction. I recommend more highly than any program I have ever taken.”

Laura G. Bode

Non-Profit Executive, Santa Barbara

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