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CBI Executive Briefings 

What is an Executive Briefing?
A CBI Executive Briefing is a sharp, 1.5 - 2 hour informal work-session supporting executives in dealing with the most pressing issues in their organizations. 

CBI Briefings focus on incresing business and personal success. They provide leaders with fundamentally new, yet proven ways for growing their business.
A CBI Executive Briefing does not deliver economic analyses. Rather, our sessions address the gnawing day-to-day issues that keep executives awake at night, including

· how to position a company for success in fast changing business climates, or
· how to uncover and eliminate persistent problems that degrade performance.

Benefits to your organization
CBI Executive Briefings provide a toolset to refit your organization in a rapidly changing business environment. CBI Briefings have resulted in
· Immediate increase in team empowerment and sense of purpose
· New levels of commitment and accountability in your organization
· Measurable business growth, freed-up time and energy
· Isolation and solution of company's most corrosive challenges
· "Anschlussgenauigkeit" - authentic, lasting connections with customers and         employees
· Innovative, sustainable approaches to a volatile marketplace as executives       pivot away from tried-and-tried strategies, toward new and proven                     fundamentals of leadership.

Why should you book a CBI Executive Briefing
A CBI Executive Briefing combines the insight of venture capitalists, seasoned executives, and leadership advisors. We bring to your team more than 80 years of combined experience in hundreds of organizations. CBI leadership principles spark measurable business growth. Our clients consistently report greater empowerment and sense of purpose in their employees. Your company will become a destination for workers rather than a way station.

Our 6 Guarantees to You
1. You have not had this level of conversation in your team
2. CBI principles ignite a new degree of engagement and alignment in your       company
3. Your company becomes more important to employees & customers when       deploying CBI principles
4. You experience a deep quality of connection with your team and                   customers
5. You will optain new insights on how to grow your business
6. An understanding of the contribution & legacy your company can make.

What topics are covered
Each CBI Executive Briefing targets the needs of an individual client. We adapt core principles to address a company’s specific management issues. Some common topics include:
· Effective Leadership in Times of Global Change
· 6 Signs that Predict the Future of Your Organization
· Fundamental Practices to Attract and Retain the Best Talent
· Next Generation Leadership: Principles for Becoming an Authentic Leader
· Structuring a Business for Maximum IP Protection and Flexibility
· CBI Entrepreneur’s Solution: Combining Money with Meaning
· Engage! Motivating Your People Beyond Money
Where will we meet?
CBI Executive Briefing presentations are followed by guided discussions to distill and instill key principles. Sessions are effective in many on-site and off-site settings, including manager meetings, corporate retreats, strategy sessions and executive development programs.

What does it cost?
$3,500. Reduced rates for non-profit organizations and small companies are available.

Allow us to demonstrate our unique approach
Call 888-292-8420 and select "Program Information" or
Click here to obtain more information or to book an Executive Briefing.

CBI showed me new dimensions of myself and business I hardly knew existed. Our revenues grew more than 700%. If you think about working with CBI: stop thinking! You simply can’t afford not to work with them. And the best is: it’s a lot of fun.

Murray Steinman, Flying Horse Communications, Inc.

That was fantastic. Your calm approach to a very important element of not just our businesses, but our lives, is refreshing - with the process and content delivery a life changing discovery. Everyone in both gorups walked away with huge take-home value. Thank you so much for contributing to the success of our members. 
Trygve Duryea, Chief Knowledge Officer, The Leadership Group

Peter is one of the few business consultants I have met who has all the skills to assist companies to be successful. He will make an impact on you and your organization. I can't remember the last time I attended a speech and told myself, "I need to know this person." Everything about the speech was perfect; it raised the bar. Audience members were buzzing with the realization that there is a better way to approach business. He left the group asking for more of his insights. I hired him immediately.
Katherine Stackpoole, Stackpoole Strategies, Inc.

CBI’s ability to see what is really going on inside a person or a business provides a platform for managers to grow as individuals as well as professionally.
R. F., BearingPoint, California

Truly transformative! I already see immediate effects in both my personal life and career.
D. Colbert, Venture Capitalist
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