The CBI program showed me new dimensions of myself and the world of business I hardly knew existed. It was instrumental in our transition from a wobbly-legged company to a highly professional marketing & advertising business. The real world strategic advice was extremely valuable; however, the emotional continuum was the key to our success. Within two years our revenues grew more than 700%. If you think about working with the Conscious Business Institute, my recommendation is this: stop thinking! You simply can’t afford not to work with them. And the best is: it’s a lot of fun.
Murray Steinman, President, Flying Horse Comm. Inc.

The CBI Program provides an amazing resource to enable growth and transformation. I have become more centered in my life and much of the worry when making decisions in my company have been lifted. Working with CBI has enabled me to live a life that is far more in tune with who I am. CBI is an important part in the growth and development of my company.
Paul Tarmann, CEO Tellus Hydrocarbon Development, Inc.

I was able to easily formulate a clear and concise purpose statement that reflects our company's values for my team and our customers. It was a wonderful process.
Michael Daoud, President, Visus LLC

CBI Entrepreneur's Program

The CBI Entrepreneur’s Program combines real world business support with our unique mentoring approach. This program supports entrepreneurs in building successful companies that inspire and fulfill the deeper needs of individuals within the organization.

Topics covered:

· Build an inspiring, empowered, and sustainable business
· Create an organization that engages investors, customers
...and talented people
· Combine financial success with personal fulfillment and flow
· Eliminate the causes for struggle and stress in your business
· Obtain expert guidance for growing your business

The CBI Entrepreneur’s Program provides the necessary support system for growing a successful business. You will gain a clear understanding of how to use your unique gifts and talents to improve the financial performance of your business. You will know the steps for building an organization that ignites your passion, engages customers, attracts talent, and satisfies investors.

Why does this program work?
The CBI Entrepreneur’s Program builds a bridge between the operational and energetic aspects of an organization. Developed by experienced venture capitalists, executives, and business coaches with over 80 years of combined experience in more than 1000 start-up’s, this program merges real world business building expertise with groundbreaking methods for achieving personal and team mastery.

The CBI Entrepreneur’s Program provides hands-on operational support, personal mentoring, and coaching to empower and strengthen the Emotional and Energetic System
TM of the organization. Our customers consistently experience well over 100% business growth, and have done so with a deep sense of well-being, purpose, and empowerment.

Who is this Program for?
Entrepreneurs and small business leaders who want to launch a business, improve the financial performance of their business, or grow an organization in a more sustainable, conscious and fulfilling way.

Program Details
The format of this program is tailored to the needs of the customer.
Typical formats for the program are:

· 3-Day Intensive. Structured on-site or off-site intensive program
...with the Entrepreneur or the startup team

· 3-Month Program. Structured program with the Entrepreneur or
...start-up team in person and on the phone

· 4 Hour Introductory Workshop. A half-day workshop clarifying
...the most important steps and the energetic alignment for the business

· Custom Program Design. Program design tailored to the needs of
...the Entrepreneur or the startup company.

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