Team Level

Leadership Development
CBI Leadership Development brings out the authentic leadership abilities in every participant. Participants will be able to create a high level of engagement, commitment and trust in their organization and with their customers. CBI Leadership Development creates Next Generation Leaders that do not exercise power and control to reach an outcome, but inspire their people to reach a common goal. Read or listen about our leadership methodologies, or contact us for more information.

Next Generation Leadership & Strategy Program
This program creates Next Generation leaders. It provides the tools for building inspiring, effective and sustainable organizations that are able to engage employees, customers and investors on a deeper level. It delivers a unique set of tools for developing servant leadership qualities, outstanding team alignment and a clear and focuses business strategy. Click here to obtain more information about the Next Generation Leadership & Strategy Program.

Team Assessment & Alignment
CBI provides unique and proven methodologies for assessing and aligning teams at all levels and stages of an organization. Our simple methodologies provide the key for engaging employees and customers on a deep emotional level. Furthermore, our assessment methodologies allow predicting the abilities and future issues the company may face. Please contact us for more information.

Conflict Resolution & Mediation
Unlike traditional approaches, the CBI Conflict Resolution & Mediation Approach does not lead to a compromise, which typically leaves emotional conflicts in place. Our approach leads to a solution that is based on mutual respect and full support of the parties involved. Please contact us for more information.
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