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CBI Entrepreneur’s Program
The CBI Entrepreneur’s Program supports entrepreneurs in building successful companies that inspire and fulfill the deeper needs of individuals within the organization. Entrepreneurs gain clear understanding how to use their unique gifts and talents to improve the financial performance of their business. This program provides the steps for building an organization that is able to engage customers, attract talent, and satisfy investors. Click here to obtain more information about the CBI Entrepreneur’s Program.

Management Consulting
Our consulting employs new approaches originating from state-of-the-art systems thinking and brain research. CBI consulting re-defines traditional management consulting practices, which often leave the human being out of the equation. This new consulting approach strengthens and balances the 3 central forces of any successful and inspiring organization. Click here to obtain more information about CBI Management Consulting.

Business & Deal Structuring
CBI Partners have developed unique methods for structuring organizations and business deals. These methods help protect the Intellectual Property, founders and shareholders of an organization, which would otherwise be at risk using traditional business and deal structures. Please contact us for more information.

Access to Funding
Access to Venture Capital and other funding sources to support the growth of your organization. Rather than providing funds for organizations, our focus is to build an organization to the level that allows to attract funds with more ease. Click here to obtain more information about CBI Funding.
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