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Have you ever felt…

That there must be a more life-giving, inspiring way to work and lead. That you want to create meaningful change and positively impact the world around you.
Despite feeling this way, your life, or your career, isn’t where it could be right now. You feel you want to expand. Or maybe get crystal clear. Maybe you don’t know what to do or where to even begin. That’s why we’re here.

We’re here to help you break through barriers and not just uncover — but access — your true life and career potential through the Conscious Business Master Program.

Introducing the Conscious Business Master Program

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, or professional who is committed to creating more life-giving, purpose-driven ways to work and live – the CB Master Program gives you the toolset, the inner capacity, and the certification to help you make the impact you’re here to make. Learn the most comprehensive, proven, and widely-used conscious business and leadership principles available today.

The Conscious Business Master Program (CB Master Program) is a year-long, interactive program designed to help you become the inspiring person and empowered leader you are meant to be.

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Who is the CB Master Program for?

If you want to create thriving, life-giving organizations, become a more authentic and inspiring leader, or want to get a step-by-step process to expand your career or business, the CB Master Program is perfect for you. Our alumni include:

Entrepreneurs & leaders

Whether you’re an executive in a global corporation or run your own business: if you want to build a more inspiring, thriving, purpose-driven business culture, this program will be your pathway.
You'll access your highest aspirations and powerfully bring your ideals into the world.

Conscious coaches, trainers & consultants

Work with your clients in a way that’s deeply inspiring for you and them. Create larger-size, recurring Conscious Business client engagements; and connect with a global network of like-minded professionals.
The CB Master Program will get you there.

Professionals yearning for more

If you’re at a crossroads, feel as if the “old ways” of doing business or building your career don’t work anymore, or you’re searching for a more meaningful way to live and thrive, then join us in the CB Master Program.
We’ll take you to those places you’ve always yearned to go but were never quite able to reach by yourself.

Learn from a globally unique faculty

Why should I apply for the CB Master Program?

Existing leadership and success models were not designed to meet today's challenges.
In fact, they’re a reason for much of our suffering — from individual stress, to widespread organizational dysfunction, and global business disruptions. In the coming years, these challenges are only likely to intensify.
The CB Master Program gives you the inner capacity and the practical business & leadership approaches for a new world.

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Why the CB Master Program exists

To provide a new paradigm for individual and organizational success – a new way of thinking and being – that enables you as a person, as a professional, and your organization to thrive in a fast-changing world.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

- Buckminster Fuller

Unlike any professional business
training you’ve ever heard of


It’s about being

Most programs focus on teaching you behavioral change; usually a long, difficult process, which often doesn’t last. The CB Master Program goes deeper and expands your consciousness. Rather than rearranging the furniture in an existing environment, you’ll enter a completely new room of possibility - allowing you to expand into the leader you’re here to BE.


It’s tailored to you

You don’t just get coursework and written resources. You'll receive 1:1 coaching, support from your mastermind group, live and interactive sessions, and access to a global community of trailblazers who share their wisdom about themselves, their career, and their business.


It’s a system, not just a course

Take any organization from where they are to where they want to be. Get certified in the CBI methodology and receive a complete system for transformation: from Conscious Business culture assessment, to proven Conscious Business  online & offline programs, workshop outlines, slide decks, and more. 


It’s proven

The Conscious Business Institute has been operating since 2005. More than 28,000 professionals have gone through our courses; in iconic companies on five continents, including Starbucks, BMW Group, Intel, Allianz, Ernst & Young, and many more. You're getting access to a system and proven processes that organizations and leaders want — and find truly valuable.


It's scalable

As a CB Master Program participant, you’ll get access to our platform, partnerships, and global network. You'll have the tools to deliver programs that can scale from 1 to 10,000 people in multiple locations. Make strategic connections, build strong, like-minded networks, and take this forward within your organization or with your own clients.


We make sure it works

To ensure your success, we researched and created an ideal learning environment. We even dedicate an entire module to “Taking Conscious Business into the world”, so you can become a lighthouse inside your existing organization and learn how to offer and deliver Conscious Business material — by yourself or together with us.


Learn from a Dream Faculty

Learn from the most innovative and best: globally leading impact investors, entrepreneurs, conscious CEO's, EDI experts, and trend gurus.

28,000+ Thrilled CBI Program participants agree: it’s not just a program, but “a paradigm shift”

- Derek Miller, VP of StudySync

Here’s what previous CBI Program participants are sharing about their experiences.

These reviews reflect the diversity of students from 160 countries who've participated in CBI Programs.

Corporate Coach & Poet, Portugal
Fateme Banishoeib

I just took the personality assessment and at the end I was almost in tears. I have had so many assessments and always struggle because they never captured the whole me. Today I know my true colors! Thank you so much for this. 

Catherine Butler

“Since attending your truly wonderful, informative, practical, magical, life and business enhancing course, my life has followed an extraordinary trajectory in a way almost too big to put in words. Your course delivered beyond my expectations and was a wonderful experience in the magic that can happen when you feel safe to trust and surrender. I’m so happy that I found you and your work. Thank you.” 

Director, Amazon

“I directly used the CBI approaches in my interviews and it worked extremely well every time! The interviewer just got it from there onwards. Very powerful to see it in action!”

VP, StudySync
Derek Miller

“The program was a paradigm shift for me – I feel so different – I don’t know what to say.”

Manager, Twitter

“The CBI Program has been instrumental in changing my whole view of life and the way in which I approach challenge and adversity. I firmly believe that if more people were to take the CBI Program, this world would be a better place to live and work in."

Director, Siemens AG
Hanne Baensch

“I like the freedom I have found, the relaxation in my mind and feelings. The greatest accomplishment is that I lost my fear of not being enough, that I gained more self-confidence. I thank you so much for your help, for your trust and for your openness. "

Co-Founder & Director, Sevaan Group, Australia
Artemis Tzakos

“One of the biggest changes we’ve seen is that our leaders are able to let go and trust their team. They already knew that they should let go, but something held them back. Now, the team steps up and takes responsibility, and our leaders are able to step back.”

Executive Director SBRPA
Laura Bode

"I have done innumerable professional and personal development programs. This course did more for me than all of them combined. It is extraordinary! Thank you CBI for changing my life!
Top quality production and instruction. I recommend more highly than any program I have ever taken."

Director, BMW Group

“After the program, I entered the office as a different person. The effect was staggering: everything went much smoother, everything changed because I was able to change my mindset in any conversation with colleagues or my boss. Thank you so much!”

SVP, Impinj, Seattle
Hussein Mecklai

“I've been applying all the wonderful learning you've given me and I'm happy to say it has been going really well. It is so heartening to get e-mails from my people saying they appreciate my leadership and that is all thanks to you.”


How does the CB Master Program work?

You'll go on an inspiring learning journey that keeps you deeply involved, inspired, and helps you feel passionately alive. This globally unique program expands your professional capacity & success, and at the same time answers your deepest personal questions. The CB Master Program is a blended learning experience, where you will have a safe place to ask questions and connect with facilitators and fellow participants.

In addition, you receive a unique assessment about your authentic personality, a personal coaching session with a Conscious Business Coach, and access to sessions that expand your leadership capacity while deepening awareness and inner peace of mind.

Your ideal learning experience

Live-facilitated bi-weekly webinars

Self-paced transformational videos

Eye-opening exercises & reflections

Conscious Business personality assessments

Peer discussion groups to apply learning

Transformational coaching sessions

Learn from a top faculty & CBI mindfulness sessions

Confidential WhatsApp Group

Inspiring social activities

When does the CB Program start and how long does it last?

The program begins in September 2022 and unfolds over 12 months

How many modules are there and what topics are covered in the program?

There are 6 modules, each covering a specific area in personal and professional development

See Full Program Curriculum & Calendar

How much time will I need to spend learning every week?

The average time commitment is 2-3 hours per week split between self-paced online learning, interactive group work and web-meetings

When does the CB Program start and how long does it last?

The program begins in September 2022 and unfolds over 12 months

How many modules are there and what topics are covered in the program?

There are 6 modules, each covering a specific area in personal and professional development

See Full Program Curriculum & Calendar

How much time will I need to spend learning every week?

The average time commitment is 2-3 hours per week split between self-paced online learning, interactive group work and web-meetings

Have more questions?
learn more about the CB Master Program

See The Curriculum

What you will come away with at the end of the CB Master Program

  • Clarity about your Authentic Power – and the impact you’re here to make
  • Ability to show up as a purpose driven leader in an increasingly uncertain world
  • Build genuine, deep relationships at home and work - even in pressure-cooker situations
  • Future-proof your organization by leading conscious transformation
  • Gain access to a new model for business, leadership & success and to build purpose-driven cultures
  • Access the complete toolkit for conscious business – for yourself and in support of others
  • Access to a truly global tribe of like-minded and passionate people

If you’re ready to explore what lies beyond work & life as usual, apply to join the 2022 cohort of the CB Master Program now

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Meet your CB Master Program instructors

We are passionate leaders, executives, educators, entrepreneurs & coaches committed to improving the way we work and live.

How much does the CB Master Program cost?

The investment for the CB Master Program is


We also offer a payment plan of 4 quarterly or 10 monthly installments of

$1,750 × 4 or $695 × 10

See Full Program Curriculum & Calendar


Opens once a year in March. Group reductions available for 5+ people.


After your application is approved and payment confirmed, you can get started immediately with the online learning program at your own pace.


We start in September and conclude in August the following year. During this period, we'll work together to deepen your learning, apply it to your life and connect with others.

You're in for life

Whenever we add new materials or classes, you also get access to them, forever!

To schedule a confidential discovery call before (or even after) applying - click here. We love meeting like-spirited trailblazers such as yourself!


2 personal coaching sessions (value $700)

4 nourishing spiritual growth sessions (optional) covering: (value $1.500)

  • Presence, emotional resilience, living in flow
  • Feeling at peace in the face of uncertainty
  • Moving beyond identity and setting yourself free

Peer insights and support groups (priceless)

100% Risk Free

We'll give a 100% refund (after processing fees) if after 6 weeks you believe this program is not for you.

We offer prorated refunds on a case by case basis if requested after 6 weeks. Life situations, circumstances, and directions can change and our aim is to be as fair and accommodating as possible to everyone’s unique situation and wellbeing.


Discover who you’re here to be. Make the impact you’re here to make.

Join the Conscious Business Master Program. Initiate positive, lasting change in your life, your career, and the lives and careers of those around you
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